What awaits you at Balitrees is....


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More than just Yoga.

A cultural journey into the real bali..

Where do I start.....

Firstly balitrees is set within the most beautiful surroundings; rice paddies and palm trees galore this place is truly divine. what makes it better is the fact that it is set in a peaceful quiet village with no other tourism apart from this small retreat.


The owner Adi is a wonderful man who will go above and beyond to make your time with him truly memorable... this retreat has only been open for 3 months and you get a real feel of authenticity and realism.


The food is delicious, a wonderful set of traditional Balinese dishes are served each day, breakfast lunch and dinner all included within the package!! All filling and plentiful, you will eat these under a small beautiful bamboo open hut overlooking the rice terrace while sharing the experience with only a few lucky others( only up to 10 at one time) you also receive free water all the time( bottled) you are even provided with your own water bottle to use through your stay which adds a wonderful touch to the whole experience.


Also included in the very cheap retreat are local Balinese activities that happen more than once each day, these can range from the

local Balinese activities that happen more than once each day, these can range from the locals performing there traditional ceremony. Balinese music classes, cooking classes, yoga at the beach, trekking, traditional Balinese massage done by the local healer, learning how to work on the rice fields and so many more... the best thing is Adi will ask you if you have any requests of what you would like to see he will try his upmost best to do these for you.


The yoga is traditional yoga and unlike any yoga you have tried before... . These are done overlooking the rice fields while listening to the wildlife that surrounds you.


My birthday was also celebrated at this retreat and in true Balinese style, a blessing from the local women and a whole birthday cake made for me, a wonderful touch to an already perfect experience.


This retreat is unlike any other I have ever seen or heard before. It is not luxury it is quality.

Amazing food, amazing locals, amazing owner, best value for money I have ever seen. If you are looking for the real Bali you should without a doubt be visiting this place when you are in Bali, I know one day I will return once again, a home for life.


Thank you Adi for one of the best and most memorable experiences I have had.

- Demi R. from Indonesia, Aug'17

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