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Balitrees is a yoga and meditation as well as a cultural retreat that is coordinated by the local community. Located in the district of Tabanan, Balitrees provides a memorable experience in a magnificent rural location, a small ancient balinese village called Sesandan, which is approx. 2 hours away from the Denpasar Airport (DPS).

No matter if you seek a relaxing, mind & body cleansing holiday in a peaceful, non-touristic place, experience the true balinese culture or get in contact with yoga and meditation for the first time (or expand your existing yogi knowledge): Balitrees is a magical place where you get a perfect combination of practicing ancient balinese yoga and meditation & witnessing the real balinese culture with its traditions and rituals. Until today, the ancient spiritual practices are part of the culture, in which they believe that self-healing is the best way to alleviate all kinds of discomforts, ailments and illnesses in life. Due to the joint work with the local Ashram Perguruan Seruling Dewata and their decision to open for international guests, do we now have access to the long preserved knowledge. The teachers as well as the  villagers are eager share this great health-tool and their cultural identity with the rest of the world.

for a true cultural journey

into a spiritual world of ancient yoga and meditation!

At Balitrees you will find yourself doing traditional balinese yoga and meditation in the middle of lush green rice terraces, being surrounded by endless coconut- banana- and cacao palm trees and bali's wild, untouched nature. The highlight of the great astonishing landscape found at Balitrees, is the famous Mount Batukaru, origin of the self-healing practices of Yoga Watukara. Especially the sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking from this view. Read more about this stunning and peaceful village here: "Sesandan- the ancient village".

We put up an authentic place, where our guests can relax freely, explore balinese culture and yoga and physical practices for self-healing. With an attention to detail so apparent, you will feel the harmony the moment you arrive. Take up to two classes each day, unwind by the green environment, stroll along the beautiful rice paddies, jump into a natural waterfall nearby, or join the rest of the group at other the village activities that let you experience the balinese culture first hand.

As for your accommodation we offer different types of guesthouses and homestays. Latter are real traditional balinese houses with original furniture and decoration according to the local balinese lifestyle, allocated by the villagers of Sesandan. Another part of our idea of sustainable work is our cooperation with the villagers and their local retreats (Dewa Pondok Wisata, Balitrees, Baligreen, Umadhatu or Nara Pondok Wisat, Bali Lush and Bali Grass), we have this amazing opportunity to offer a unique cultural yoga retreat to guests coming from all over the world. At the same time, the proud inhabitants of Sesandan receive great support from our side and make wonderful experiences getting in touch with foreigners. 

Before choosing a date: don't forget to take a look at our upcoming events and cancellation policy as well '! You may have the chance to witness a special balinese festival or temple ceremony at the village!

You wish to see & read about Balitrees? GET AN INSIGHT by reading our feedbacks, videos and more here..


Packages and payment

Our price per night includes the following: all yoga classes (3hrs/day), accommodation,WIFI, three freshly prepared balinese meals per day, free drinking water /hot drinks, a 30 minute massage (traditional/modern/ reflexology) and all cultural activities including a offering for the healer.

You can also extend your holiday at any time. We often have guests that just don't want to leave their new home,so just speak to us if you feel the same way!

Please let us know if you have any specific diets or any other special requests regarding the food. Our marvelous Balitrees-Team is known for their caring service.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We have been facing communication problems lately, so we kindly ask you to use the contact connected with your booking service only: if you book with us, address us and not other booking services please. Stay patient and do not send out messages to different contacts otherwise it will cause alot of confusion. Thanks!


Daily schedule

You can start your retreat at any day and stay as long as you like! Here we give you a rough overview for our daily schedule at Balitrees. But don't forget: time is just a feeling in Bali so nothing starts right on the dot!  Start your holiday by throwing away your watch and get used to the decelerate balinese lifestyle..

Each day we have different cultural village activities for you to choose from. Please be aware that we have to consider things like weather condition, availability of the host and local factors such as holidays etc.

Daily Yoga sessions

There will be two yoga sessions each day, in the morning and evening. Each takes about 1,5 hrs and our Yoga Watukara teachers will show you the basics of Yoga Watukara Level I (muladhara chakra), which consists of the following: balinese sun and moon salutation including the according asanas to warm-up the body, empty meditation to clean body and space, OM chanting meditation to clean the nadis (small energy chanells), ishvara and shiva mudra meditation to clean the bigger channels, muladhara chakra opening meditation (brahma god). Please talk to our teachers if you have any specific physical problems so that they can show you individual practices for that.

Day of arrival/depature

  • Depending on your arrival time and energy, you can just jump into the daily schedule at any time
  • Check in/out is between 13:00 - 14:00
  • Dinner is between 18:30- 19:30 Dinner

Daily schedule

Start your day at your own individual pace and sleep in or take a walk in the morning to explore the village or watch the fabulous sun rise over the mountains and rice paddies from our view tower.

  • 08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast - Time: tea, coffee and typical balinese morning snacks are waiting for you! Try the local sweets made from coconut, palm sugar and green leafs...yummy!

  • 09:30 - 11:00 Morning yoga session

  • 11:30 - 12:30 Cultural activity of your choice, see list of unique activities

  • 13:00 - 14.00 Freshly prepared traditional balinese lunch and fruits (veg and non-veg)

  • 14:00 - 15:00 Cultural activity of your choice, see list of unique activities

  • 15:00 - 16:30 Afternoon Balinese yoga session

  • 16:30 - 19:00 Relaxation, massages and private time

  • 19:00 Freshly prepared traditional balinese dinner

Special 8 day Yoga Watukara Teacher Training

Join this Balinese Yoga teacher training and learn the ancient techniques of balinese Yoga Watukara/ Meditation for self-healing. Feel the power and essence of these techniques that have been preserved for thousands of years.


  • minimum stay of 7 nights/ 8 days

  • personal interest and dedication for yoga watukaru --> long-term commitment with the organization Perguruan Seruling Dewata

  • average to advanced fitness/flexibility

  • a total of 49hrs Yoga Watukara training - 7hrs of practical and theoretical training per day, partly self- study

  • an increasing number of sun and moon flow repetitions need to be performed self-reliant either before or after class

  • the will to share your knowledge with atleast 3 people of interest within 6 months after your training

  • consent of terms & conditions regarding the Ashram Perguruan Seruling Dewata (terms & conditions can be examined further down)



By the end of this training, you will

  • know the basics of the traditional balinese Yoga Watukara (Level I*) including mantra chants and chakra meditation

  • receive a certificate that permits you to study level II after a period of minimum 6 months

  • become a member of the Ashram and follow the idea to continue the practice on a daily basis, whereby connecting with other students through online exchange & support groups can support you!

  • teach minimum 3 people in your personal circle within 6 months and help us spread the knowledge of self-healing with Yoga Watukara

  • have the opportunity to become a chairman for your country

Daily Schedule Yoga Watukara Teacher Training

For breakfast/lunch/dinner and the cultural activities you'll join the retreat guests.

Day 1 +2

___Join the regular yoga lessons in the morning at 09:30 and the evening at 15:00 (depending on your arrival) and get an introduction to the Philosophy of the Ashram and one of it’s main fields of study: the traditional Yoga Watukaru.

___Choose one of the cultural activities, which you must do during day 1 to day 4 !

___On the second day you will begin to study the papers, in which we present the mantras, asanas, flows, mudras and chakra meditation for Level I (Muladdharra Chakra)

___Add 5 sun and moon salutations to your daily practice!

Day 3+4

__Continue reading the papers and attending at the yoga lessons. After you’ve internalized the flows, it is time to focus on the chanting and chakra meditation.

___Add 10 sun and moon salutations to your daily practice!

Day 5+6

__Continue reading the papers and attending at the yoga lessons. After you’ve internalized the flows, it is time to focus on the chanting and chakra meditation.

___Lead or atleast assist a Yoga Lesson with our yoga teacher and retreat guests

___ Enjoy a full body massage for regeneration

___Add 10 sun and moon salutations to your daily practice!

Day 7+8

__Continue reading the papers and attending at the yoga lessons. After you’ve internalized the flows, it is time to focus on the chanting and chakra meditation.

___Take the final exam, receive certificate and become a member of Perguruan Seruling Dewata

___Add 10 sun and moon salutations to your daily practice!

What is included and what is not?


  • 3 daily freshly cooked authentic balinese vegetarian/non-veg. meals

  • drinking water/hot drinks

  • All cultural activities plus materials needed (ceremonies and offerings)

  • Transportation to/from activities

--Check out the long list of all the unique activities  that are included

  • Balinese traditional healing/modern/reflexology massage (30min.)

  • Internet access WIFI

  • Personal support via WhatsApp


  • Airport pick-up, Ubud and locations up tp 2,5 hrs away (extra charge of 450.000IDR/ ~31$)

  • Laundry service (3 pieces for 2 USD)

  • Massage upgrade: 30 min for free, every hour extra for 100.000 IDR ~7 USD

  • Blessing by the local shaman (50.000IDR ~3USD)

Pick-up location & time

Since our retreat is located in a rural area and is difficult to reach, we provide transfers from different locations. For our airport pick-up service as well as from Ubud the cost is 450.000 IDR per car. Please forward your flight details to us so we can receive you personally. Other pick up locations are possible on request... 
The exact location can be viewed at here:

Cancellation policy

A reservation requires a deposit of 20% of the total price. The rest of the payment should be paid no later than on departure.

Your payment minus the paypal transaction fee is refundable if the booking is cancelled 2 days before the arrival date. Please understand that we can't bear all costs arising from cancellations.

Furthermore, if the cancellation takes place within 2 days prior your arrival, we will deduct half of the deposit fee (10%) and pay the rest back to you.

Anything else?

Sample of daily schedule and times are subject to change depending on weather condition, host availability, guests present, etc.

Some reservations may not be retrievable online. If you have problems retrieving your reservation, please contact us.

ALL inclusive? WHERE is the catch?

We promise:no catch here! Just great community work, no fancy extras and your luck to have found us :)  Because we are one of seven affordable retreats in bali!

Comparing our prices to other yoga retreats in Bali, you may wonder or doubt our seriousness to a point were you try to find hidden costs. NO WORRIES! We can simply explain why we are able to keep our prices at such a low rate:

First of all, Indonesia is one of the developing countries with the lowest income, so everything is pretty cheap in Bali. Moreover, we don't have to pay expensive yoga teachers because our training is given by organization members and the host himself. On top of that, most of the cultural activities are regular daily activities of the villagers so there are no costly efforts in regards of the cultural activities. Therefor we expect some kind of flexibility and respect from our guests because our hosts take out time and pause their daily lives for us.

Therefor the villagers of Sesandan appreciate the support and are very welcoming and happy to receive guests, to practice their language skills and exchange knowledge about different cultures. In return, we ask our guests to respect the people, culture and traditions as well as the natural environment. Please read our terms & conditions and follow our ethics. We are fortunate to offer this very special retreat to you so we are eager to keep it running and create a wonderful place for people to escape, regenerate and have a unique experience.

Another reason is that we waive fancy bureaucratic extras or hire expensive staff. All is done by the members of the organization and the community of Sesandan.

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Balitrees is a cooperation of the local Ashram 'Perguruan Seruling Dewata' and the villagers of Sesandan. Besides offering cultural travel, together we aim to preserve the ancient balinese 'Yoga Watukaru', support the local community and to contribute to sustainable tourism in Bali.


Balitrees Retreats

Sedandan Megati, Selemadeg Timur, Tabanan Sub-District, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82162, Indonesia



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