Unique village activities that create unforgettable & everlasting memories...

Besides our daily yoga and meditation sessions, each day day you can choose from two optional activities. Have a look at the list below so you can get an idea of what your cultural journey at Balitrees could look like!


You may be lucky and witness one of the biggest ceremonies in Bali during your stay. Check out if we have any special balinese holiday coming up here!

Live events in the village (ceremonial event, spiritual event, etc)

There are plenty of ceremonial events throughout the year. An important part besides the ceremonial preparations that we talked about before, is 'Melukat', the cleansing ritual, which the villagers undertake regularly as well as many other traditions. Another recurring event is the ceremony for the moon cycle that is, depending on the position of the moon, a half- or fullmoon ceremony taking place at one of the temples. Furthermore, every 6 months, the temples get their own ceremony in order to keep the spirits in the village. Check out our event calendar to see the upcoming events in Sesandan!

Traditional balinese coconut-oil making class ON MONDAYS/FRIDAYS

Get invited into a villagers house and see how coconut oil is made. Learn everything about coconut trees: did you know that there are many types of coconuts? The balinese know how to use these trees efficiently. The leafs are essential for the community as well as the juice, which is also used as seen as medicine as long as the coconut is young. The oil of the coconut has many functions, from cooking to body care: it is a healthy alternative to many things used in the western society. If you aren't a coconut lover, after this oil making class you may become one. 

Yoga with sunset at the black sand beach

Ever seen ocean waves slowly fading into glittering black sand? Or the blue sky turning into unbelievably crazy colors like orange and purple? Well, here is your chance to witness these natural phenomena with us! Every friday, the yoga session is held at the beach, where the breeze and view will touch your senses in a new, unknown way.

Learn balinese Tai Chi (Tali Rasa) or Martial Arts (Silat) ON MONDAYS/FRIDAYS

Besides Yoga, we give you an insight and show you how conscious, slow body movements, also known as Tai Chi, are used to find a meditative state. For people interested in this technique or martial arts, we offer to teach it as an alternative instead of yoga. Nevertheless, we use it as a part of our warm-up session so everyone can get a taste of it!

Butterfly Farm ON TUESDAYS

Thanks to our yoga teacher Krishna, who breeds butterflies together with her husband, we are able to keep a butterfly farm, where you can see them all close up. All different kinds of sizes and colors..from cocoon to an fully developed butterfly. A magical experience!

Balinese music class: learn how to play traditional music instruments ON SUNDAYS

All ceremonies in bali are us accompanied by a traditional live music band with different

traditional balinese instruments. The 'gamelan' orchestra of the village has regular rehearsals and

the members are eager to show off their talents and teach visitors how to play these instruments.

Swing over rice terraces ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON

The villagers built a swing for their guests to enjoy the feeling of flying over the lush green terraces surrounded by the tropical jungle..

Balinese language class ON WEDNESDAYS

It is a sign of respect and a way to interact: communication! That's why our staff and pretty much all villagers are eager to learn how to speak english. A perfect reason to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together and learn from another..

Balinese Hindu offering class ON WEDNESDAYS

All balinese ceremonies and rituals, which are also part of the daily life at Sesandan village, require offerings. Learn how to make 'canang sari', 'kelatkat' and other handicrafted offerings. These handicrafted offerings are also used to praise special places with a high spiritual energy, such as temples or natural phenomenons, like waterfalls. But they are also used for daily routines and special occasions in life and phases. The leaf trays are all handmade pieces made of natural elements, such as palmleafs which are weaved and cut into special shapes and forms, and the colorful flowers of the island. These beautiful handicrafts are then, together with an incense, used to offer a variety of food items, such as fruits and every day products, to the spirits and gods. At Balitrees, we teach you how to make these handicrafts and educate you about the important cultural facts, which are unknown to the rest of the world.

Village rice cultivating and ON THURSDAYS/TUESDAYS

All the nice green rice patty fields in Sesandan need to be taken care of so that rice, the traditional number one food item in Asia, can be planted and harvested. The fields are beautiful create a gorgeous scenery for the eye but visitors should be aware that there is considerable work and effort behind food. In order to become more conscious of the sweaty work that traditional agriculture requires, the villagers invite foreigners to step in and put their hands on!

Balinese cooking class/ medical herbal drinks ON SUNDAYS/TUESDAYS

On top of getting fresh balinese food daily, which is cooked and served by the lovely ladies of the village, you can join them in their kitchen at home and learn the balinese style of cooking. The villagers enjoy spending time with our guests and to show them how to prepare an authentic balinese meals or pastries. Take your new cooking skills back home and impress your beloved ones with yummy food while sharing your story about your trip to Balitrees.

Learn about the power of local natural medicine, which is used to treat all kinds of diseases, even cancer. For example Loloh, a traditional balinese herbal drink that is used as medicine and is made of betel leaves.

Also, If you need or want to a stick to a special diet during your retreat, do not hesitate to let us know ahead so we can design your stay according to your wishes.

Traditional healing, modern and reflexology massage ON SATURDAYS

Just like other traditional rural communities, Sesandan has it's own local healer which has been and still gets approached whenever a medical advice is needed. He has been operating for many decades and is specialized in bone/ guts problems. A common thing when visiting healers or shamans is to bring a offering along, which is what we will take care of.

Besides the local healer, we have modern spa's with excellent staff taking care of your whole body for only 7$ per hour and a therapist that does the traditional foot reflexology massage using a piece of wood. Both are available on request

Trekking around the village ON SUNDAYS

Explore the nature of Sesandan and go on a trek with us. Either to Singsing Angin Waterfall or a nice view point, either way this is for people with 'Wanderlust'

Visit the local waterfall ON SUNDAYS/WEDNESDAYS

There is a stunning waterfall in the middle of an untouched paradise in Sesandan. Natural phenomal places like these are often seen as places with high spiritual energy. For that reason you can find offerings placed and ceremonies held at waterfalls and beaches. Therefor  some of the yoga sessions are also held at the beach or around the waterfall. Now let nature be your guide and feel the soothing effect it has on your mind and soul.

Traditional balinese dance show SPECIAL EVENT

Besides praying and cleansing, dancing is a big part in the hindu culture. Especially in Bali, traditional dances are taught at an early age because they belong to the main cultural activities and are often sold as a huge tourist attraction. The combination of crazy colorful costumes and excessive make-up as well as the traditional music and singing, has become the distinctive character of the balinese culture. Since this tradition is used to tell and pass down historical stories, the tradition appears to be more of an theatrical act then just a cultural tradition. Especially the 'Kecak'- dance (Mask dance) is something incomparable and extraordinary to see. Come and dance with us!

Tour to place of interest in Bali for example Mount Watukaru

In case you have some place of interest nearby (for example a visit to 'Tanah Lot Temple', which is 1 hour away), it is possible to arrange day trips while staying at Balitrees. Information given beforehand are appreciated but often not needed and it is enough if you inform us at your arrival as we are very familiar with spontaneity and flexibility. Sometimes it happens that guests with same travel intentions form groups shortly and enjoy day trips together. For a group of 1-6 people it is 50$ to visit Tanah Lot Temple & the Taman Ayun Temple or  make another tour to the famous Mount Watukaru& the Penatahan hot springs for the same price.

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