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A different style of yoga and a great introduction to meditation and a variety of Balinese cultural activities; all in a serene setting. Adi and his staff were very welcoming and hospitable; especially going over and above to provide transport to/from the retreat and for any alternative day trips. I was humbled by the warmth and connection between local community members in their joined efforts to make visitors welcome and also in their day to day lives. Such a refreshing change compared to many other cultures!


Ketut the yoga teacher gets a special mention for her desire to learn and note at least 2 new English words per day and constantly develop her yoga practice; leaving many of us in awe at her ability to achieve advanced asanas!


Sarah Brock, visited Oct`17

Everything about the retreat was perfect. From the moment I was picked up to the moment I was dropped off was skillfully planned to include both yoga, meditation and cultural activities I would have never been able to experience had I not been there.

Jacqueline M., visited Nov`17

I just spent 5 unforgettable days at Balitrees retreats in magnificent Sesandan village. I will never forget this incredible experience : living with the inhabitants and enjoying traditional activities with them, doing Balinese meditation and yoga (very traditional, not western adapted at all) and learning the process of rice cultivation. I don't think you can find that kind of enlightening retreats easily! I really recommend it to anybody who would be interested in a real body and mind healing. Thank you Adi, his team and the whole village!

— Fatou S., from USA visited Oct'17

I am extremely grateful for the experiences I made at Balitrees Retreat, as I feel I got the chance to experience the real Balinese lifestyle! I have spent 14 days there and it is one of the quietest and peaceful places to practice traditional Balinese yoga, meditation, and the Balinese culture! Adi, the owner, and his staff do their very best to make their guest feel welcome, comfortable and integrate them into the village life. The villagers are genuinely nice people and enjoy your company. The rooms are clean, the food is delicious and the activities included in the programme (Balinese cooking class, yoga at the beach, healing massage and much more) which are daily offered are priceless!

Johanna G., Sep'17

This is the most best experience in Life. Adi and the staff are great! The landshape and spirit of the village are impressed. Also the balanese culture is special with the lovely humans of the village. Rest and peace of the rist field. Look inside this world its an yourney the rest of your Life .To invest in your self for your body and Mindset. Thanks in advance for this amazing yourney in Bali.


Zaki C., from Netherlands, visited Aug'17

Everything! The staff and even all the villagers were amazing. They make you feel like a part of their family. They are extremely helpful and always try to meet any requests you have. The home cooked food was very delicious and healthy. The accommodation exceeded all our new expectations.we never expected to find so much comfort amid rice paddies. And most importantly, it was a very spiritual experience. We learned a lot about mantra and mudra meditation, pranayama and spiritual aspects of yoga they don't teach in yoga classes we are all used to. Hoping to come for level 2

Maria S. from China, visited Oct'17

Balitrees Retreats was hands down the most serene experience I have ever had. It surpassed all of my expectations tenfold. Looking around at all of the splendor surrounding me during my first yoga and mediation session I asked myself if I had stumbled into heaven by mistake. Rice terraces, butterflies and sunshine; this place is truly paradise.


The only tourists in the village are the ones staying at the retreat so you really have the opportunity to submerge yourself in culture and relaxation. The daily village activities are very enriching and provide an authentic look into the village life of Sesandan and the Balinese way. The food was tasty and there was always plenty of it, I once asked for some coconut juice and someone kindly climbed a tree and plucked a fresh coconut for me to drink-it was delicious!


Mr. Adi and his team were very accommodating throughout my entire stay there. I am very much looking forward to my return and highly recommend anyone looking for relaxation in Bali to experience this.

— Andrew N. from USA,visited



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11 sothere, Tripadvisor

The best of bali, smiley and welcoming people

12 Janna, Tripadvisor

authentic yoga retreat- the real deal

10 Andre d.

Balitrees is a hidden gem in Bali

9 Kelsey H.

perfect place to relax with different yoga

8 Joana, D.

wonderful stay with local balinese experience & delicious food

7 jeanine H.

everything you can imagine


incredible experience of real body and mind healing


peaceful place & knowledgeable teacher

3 Patricia,M

Perfect retreat for the real meet with balinese culture

4 Yulia

magical,spiritual, deep- beneficial for body and soul

5 Anonymous

Amazing and different experience

6 Amanda, R.

Untouched to tourism and a welcoming community

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