Honor your body, it has everything you need, particularly answers to everyday challenges as well as problems that we are suddenly confronted with! We all have the creative genius within us...

Your Health is in YOUR hands!

Don't we all go through some kind of unhealthy troubles in our lives and wish to find a way to deal with them?

The key to a happier life is not to run away or to ignore what challenges us, but to see and accept problems as a part or indication of life. They are often symptoms of our lifestyle or simply coincidences, that bear chances. Every obstacle can be conquered, we just have to find our own personal 'strategy for survival' in a less natural environment (and maybe find ways to make it more natural again) and trust in our self-healing power.

This is why this travel is not just a cultural journey, it is also a spiritual journey to the roots of yourself! There is more information stored inside of us than we are actually aware of and we tend to ignore our gut feeling, our intuition because we are distracted and disconnected. In order to use these natural skills that we carry inside of us, it is necessary to reconnect with nature. Because then the human potential can be exhausted and just like all plants and animals on this planet, we all have the capability of self-healing in us. The best thing about it is: nature is there, always and everywhere. It is just that our focus has shifted. With the use of the ancient balinese yoga and meditation (sitting, laying, moving) techniques at Balitrees, you can learn to shift your focus back on nature and yourself as part of nature.

Due to our modern lifestyle there are many factors that enhance this disconnection and most natural things are replaced by artificial ones, that is most likely why we forget that we are natural, too! The things we consume on a daily basis are bewildering and they easily confuse our mind, body senses and finally lead to all the (negative) symptoms that we experience. On top of that we go through many different emotional experiences that manifest triggers and therefor habits in us. From the perspective of science, the human body is perfect and has all mechanisms it needs to survive in the most complex environments. Still with our habits, we tend to influence ourselves in a way that results in a noticeable imbalance and even in self-destruction.

Due to religious beliefs, we confuse the word 'god' with something that is outside from us but looking at it from a perspective of a 'non-believer' and with the information that science gives us, we can actually say that god is within us! We are creators and destructors. Simply the fact that we create life as human beings shows us that we should be more aware about our power as creators of others AND our own lives!

The power of self-healing

Whenever we hurt ourselves or when we are exposed to anythings that is toxic, our body knows how to protect or repair itself, isn't that great?! Our wounds or broken bones heal by simply giving it time and nutrition. Actually, our immune system fights and controls whats invisible for us every single day and time and decides what is best for our health. And interestingly: the only reason WHY our immune system is such a protective and great system, is because it has 'learned' and made some 'bad' experiences. On this account, our immune system smart and strong!

It is important and essential to know about the fact that you can influence yourself, that your health is on your hands. Unfortunately, we can't influence our environment and there are things we do not like or we can't prevent. But life is light and we have to accept that there is also a dark side in life but we should know that darkness is only the absence of light!

Only we can choose, if we want to support this great, powerful tool we have and strengthen it or, if we want to ignore and work against it. For us at Balitrees, the former is true, that is why we turn to the world and say "let's be aware of this amazing power of ours and use it!"


"This place brought me back to life after a difficult half a year and many problems with my health. I did not want to leave and I'm already thinking of when I can come back. It's so much more than just yoga and meditation. You really emerge into Balinese culture and see it through the eyes of local villagers who are extremely friendly and hospitable.

You can find peace and quiet here in what is considered one of the most touristy places on Earth - Bali. The nature surrounding you is gorgeous and definitely has its own role of settling peace inside you. People who I've met there are so kind and radiant and do everything possible to make your stay even more comfortable and relaxing. Adi didn't have any schedule but improvised every day and gave us as much freedom as we wanted which was much better than I expected. Thank you so much for such a great experience!!!

I personally realized that yoga asanas are not my cup of tea for now but thanks to Adi I discovered a new direction for me which is Tai Chi and I absolutely loved it. You should asked him to teach you if you still don't know what it is."

- Iuliia S. from USA

Yoga is a tool

that helps you to (re)connect with yourself


"If you’re looking for a family away from home, a place to meet kindred spirits, experience authentic Balinese culture or somewhere to strengthen your yoga and spiritual practices - then this is the place for you.

The wonderful people of this village will invite you into their homes, share their amazing stories and ultimately go out of their way to make sure you’re enjoying your stay.

There is something truly unique, genuine and magical about Balitrees and I would encourage anyone looking to reconnect with themselves and other likeminded people to stay here.

Thank you so much for everything, I can't imagine it will be too long before I visit again :)

Impossible to fault."

- Danielle, L., from New Zealand visited Oct'17