Visit the spiritual village to experience the real bali

-were yoga and meditation is more than just a hype


-it's an ancient self-healing tool!

Sesandan- the ancient village


Work with us to follow our aim to preserve Bali's culture, nature and yoga


As a passionate traveler & cultural enthusiast, you always dream of authentic get-aways, outside the touristic areas?


You simply seek for peaceful retreat without all the modern 'yoga-hype'? Where you can also interact with natives?

What is the real beauty and originality of the island? Come & find out!


We allow you to experience Bali with all your senses..get a taste of the real Bali

At Balitrees you can have both: cultural travel and a relaxing, enriching yoga holiday. Come and dig deeper into the balinese culture, learn about the true balinese lifestyle as well as the ancient yoga and meditation techniques. We give you the chance to make a unique experience and to take along wonderful ancient self-healing tools...

At Sesandan curios natives welcome you to their community, take you around their  ancient village and show you typically balinese

traditions and rituals that they are proud of.The village itself is settled in a peaceful place, at the heart of bali's wild untouchednature. There, you can watch incredible sunrises/sunsets with a nice view of the famous Mount Batukaru, the place where the ancient

yoga and meditation techniques derived from. Sesandan is the perfect place to find inner peace while making a new, unique cultural experience and pick up knowledge about the ancient Yoga 'Watukara' practices.

Sesandan is a very ancient and spiritual village so you will see villagers wearing their traditional dress-up while preparing and conducting balinese ceremonies. Especially the countless, impressive ceremonies are a highlight for people interested in the spiritual side of Bali. This experiences touches all senses: many colors, costumes, dances, temples, shrines full of offerings and the traditional music orchestra. According to the culture, every life phase (wedding, birth, death e.g.) or anything of materialistic matter (opening of new building, room, purchase of a car e.g.)  is a reason for family and friends to gather, praise and appreciate. Also, all natural phenomena are worth ceremonies, like the moon cycle or the visit of waterfall. Regardless of the cause, each ceremony requires certain procedures, elements and a lot of handmade pieces made from what is given by nature. These ceremonial preparations and processes are called 'Upkara' and are a part of your cultural experience at Sesandan.

After all, the balinese are known for their handicraft skills, which is why they export alot of  handmade items all over the world, for example wooden furniture, statues and more. At Balitrees you can get a taste of their talent, see and learn how to make these ceremonial preparations yourself by attending different unique cultural activities.

Besides that Sesandan has many temples to visit, a trip to the major spiritual temple is a must-do! The villagers believe in the temples high spiritual energy, which suppose to support the process of activating someones personal (chakra-) energy. Same counts for other places at the ancient village, which is why ceremonies are often carried out at the temple or the beach.



There are many fascinating places to explore, besides the ancient temples, there's a beautiful natural waterfall and many old original balinese home compounds for instance. For the villagers, three main temples are highly important, whereas some can only be found at Sesandan.

Sesandan is a magical place overall and with it's breathtaking environment and the friendly villagers, it is the place where you make an unforgettable experience!  Here is what one of our former guests says about Bailtrees:

"Amazing experience, very cultural and enlightening for authentic Balinese culture and traditions. The staff are all incredible - friendly and helpful in every way! Surrounded by rice paddies and palm trees with no tourists aside from others in your group it’s a real retreat!"- Brian L.


GET AN INSIGHT! our gallery or read more references from our guests, who love to share their personal experiences!!

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May 08, 2020

Tumpek Kandang- animal worship day

every 210 days

One of the most obvious ways in which this day is celebrated is through giving these domestic animals love and attention. Cows in Bali receive the best treatment than the other animals because they assist farmers when plowing the rice fields.


It is not uncommon to see cows bathing in the river and even getting dressed up by the locals! Coconut leaves are designed to create a conical cap that is placed on the cow’s horns and pigs are embellished with colourful fabrics on their bellies.

In addition to all these, the animals are given the best food as part of Tumpek Kandang. Locals will go out of their way to look for high-quality nutritious food for the animals. It is important, however, to take note that this is not a form of animal worship; instead, the locals see the celebrations as a way to appreciate the gods for the work done by these animals as well as the provision of food resources

Dec 31, 2017

Upcoming cultural events in Sesandan

Feb 18, 2020

Galungan and Kuningan 19.2 / 29.02

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There alot of preparations that need be done for this fest that is why the balinese people start to do the offerings 3 days before the event. The ceremony actually lasts one week, whereby kuningan follows right at the end of galungan.

This fest is the most outrageous one and alot of effort is put in the food and decorations that are being carried to the temple. There, the whole village spends time together. Attending this ceremony, you can witness the real balinese traditions:balinese orchestra, colorful flowers, prayers, body binding with balinese sarong and a variety of traditional food! 

Galungan marks the beginning of the most important recurring religious ceremonies. The spirits of deceased relatives who have died and been cremated return to visit their former homes, and the current inhabitants have a responsibility to be hospitable through prayers and offerings. The most obvious sign of the celebrations are the penjor - bamboo poles with offerings suspended at the end.

Mar 16, 2020


The worlds quietest new year's celebration

New years last over six days in Bali, whereas one day is solely dedicated to practice awareness. Balinese knows how important silence is- that is why the whole island gets quiet and still,so that the spirits, which were aroused the night before, will think that Bali is empty and will, therefore, leave the island. Only meditation and self-reflection! And they very serious about it: no vehicles, no lights, no flights.. no technology at all. Some people even fasten during that time. It is a hindu holiday but Bali has the biggest celebration in Indonesia. The following day is Ngembak Geni Day when the island comes alive again.

Mar 30, 2018

'Tumpek Landep' -Honoring metal

Every 210 days according to the ceremonial Pawukon calendar

Nowadays Tumpek Landep is a ceremonial day at which offerings are made for objects that are made of metal. The ceremonies start in the morning hours at the village temple when people gather for special prayers and blessings. Afterwards, at the home compounds, additional ceremonies and blessings follow at which offerings are made for the holy family keris that most families own, but also for cars and motorbikes. In these modern times, also other objects that contain metal, such as computers, may be subject to these ceremonies. Most Balinese people truly believe that these ceremonies and blessings will bring them luck and keep them safe in traffic

Jan 24, 2018

'Tumpek Wariga' -Honoring plants

A special day for nature

25 days prior galungan

Balinese are very nature orientated and the five elements are often found in their rituals and ceremonies in order to honor and appreciate. This day is dedicated to the god of food plants. Blessings are given for good crops.

Feb 19, 2020

Ceremony at the village temple

Ceremony at Sesandan

Like every other village, the villagers of Sesandan celebrate their own ceremonies. This time it will be a temple ceremony: traditional dancing, live music and traditional rituals. You can join us, help us with the preparations if you like and be part of the ceremony.

Feb 18, 2020

'Galungan' - Celebrating the he victory of the good

Bali's most important holiday!

It represents the victory of Dharma (virtue) over Adharma (evil). A symbol of the holiday is a "penjor," which is a long bamboo pole elaborately decorated with woven coconut leaves, fruit, flowers and cakes. The penjor is placed on the right side of every house entrance, making for a very festive, colorful scene in all the villages. The Balinese dress in their very best clothes and jewels on Galungan.

Jun 08, 2018

'Kuningan'- Purification

The second most important day of the Balinese Hindu calendar.

The Balinese attend religious services and make offerings to the gods. At the holy spring temple Tirta Empul, at Tampaksiring, people partake in a ritual purification, bathing in the spring. Festivities come to an end with Kuningan, which celebrates purification. On that same day, the ancestors’ souls are leaving their family’s temple.

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