What are the characteristics of 'Yoga Watukaru'?

Founded in Bali by Ki Budhi Dharma formally in the year of 641 AD, this deeply spiritual oriented type of yoga bases on the classical 'Hatha-Yoga' asanas (body postures).Unlike other yoga styles, Yoga Watukaru has its focus on the flows and uses the asanas practices for a prior body warm up instead of doing it the other way around, as it is done in common yoga lessons. Also, meditation and mantras play a huge role so no lesson is held without moments of stillness.


As experienced yogis know, for the process of self-healing it is essential that the internal energy flows. It basically means that your blood flow and all the different essential hormones and other body fluids, circulate properly so that all crucial body functions can ensure a healthy life. In the esoteric or spiritual field, this internal flow is also known as the "kundalini", which we aim to activate by doing different excercises. But there two key disciplines, which Yoga Watukaru strongly belives in: repetition and regularity.

Within 'Yoga Watukaru' the practices are divided into 13 yoga styles, whereas each style has its specific chakra meditation including the associated mudras and mantras, representing different gods and using the energy of nature to work on a different chakra. That's why 'chakra meditation' is one of the main practices of 'Yoga Watukaru'. 

For example:

- 'Yoga Surya' , which includes 12 different sun salutations, such as as Surya Namaskara, Surya Daryam, Surya Kertalam, etc. each represents a different phases of the sun (sunrise, sunset, sun eclipse...) and consists of 12 asanas

- 'Yoga Chandra', which includes 16 different moon salutations (17 asanas) and also has different flows for each moon phase

- the other styles are devoted to hindu god's, whereat the three main god's in bali are 'Shiva',  'Vishnu' and 'Brahma'. With an increasing difficulty level the list of god's continues so other styles are named 'Yoga Ishvara' and so on...

There is obviously an outstanding amount of ancient knowledge within the balinese yoga that has been passed on by yogis, who spent their lifetime at Mount Batukaru (pronounced Watukaru) thousands of years ago. The teachers and students of 'Perguruan Seruling Dewata' are proud and eager to preserve and share these original techniques, without modifying them.

Mind the signs given by your body, they are telling you that something is out of balance


then ask yourself:


What could be more important than my own health?

The answer is NOTHING, nothing is more important because..


this life you have is limited and you do want to embrace it, have fun, enjoy relationships, do things that make you feel happy and alive or ideally: you want to be the best version of yourself! But how are you going to enjoy life, if your life is sucking your energy, your happiness, your courage, your strength, your will, your smile out of you?

Why should I practice yoga?

Even though it seems impossible at times but there are methods and ways to find a more relaxed and balanced lifestyle. The best thing about yoga and meditation is that it gives you more vital energy, which helps you to be more creative and to focus on finding your individual life-balance. The main reason for this is because it requires body and mind, so you are working on yourself physically and mentally as well.


Other short- or long-term effects that can have a positive influence on your life is that you

...will learn how to live in the present and become more aware of yourself and your environment

...find out how to control your thoughts and become the master of your mind instead of being the 'slave'

...you will get rid of feeling tired and fatigue, instead you will be surprised by the undiscovered energy of yours

...will find inner peace and be more tranquil

...benefit from the positive side effect of losing excessive weight

...have a fresh mind: new perspectives, clear thoughts and a creative mind

...get a good body-feeling, gain flexibility

...can find the source of personal issues (mentally and/or physically)

...become healthier overall

...OR as a last resort: You will simply expand your horizon by trying something new :)

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Chakra meditation

The students of 'Yoga Watukara' believe that 'chakra meditation' is one of the most effective methods for mind and body healing. The human body is a complex energy form and there is an endless number of energy channels, which are called 'nadis', flowing within the human body. Whenever these channels meet, strong energy fields are formed, which are seen as energy wheels, or 'chakras'. Especially seven of them have major a influence on our physical and mental well-being. These seven major 'chakras' are located along our spine, all the way from our pelvic to the top of our head.


Down to top



Sahasrara                                            Crown

            Ajna                                                        Third Eye

 Vishudda                                                              Throat

Anahata                                                               Heart

         Manipura                                                              Solar plexus

Swadhisthana                                                  Sacral

    Muladhara                                             Root

The feeling of being balanced and healthy depends upon these seven main energy wheels, whereas each can either be active and spin or be blocked, which results in negative feelings. Different aspects of our behaviour and development can be associated with every single chakra and can be therefor targeted.

It is important to know that our body is like a filter so every thought and feeling, as well as the food we eat and the people we surround ourselves with, can have a positive or negative influence on us. We are systems that can't separate ourselves from our environment thus we absorb everything around us. As I said, in stressful, modern world, we are constantly confronted with something and the solution is not to turn away (and sometimes it is impossible to do so) but to see, learn and manage to live within this environment. There is no secret encompassing formula to the question 'how', but there are answers to the individual questions you have for your own life and they are inside of you. That's is why the practice of ancient yoga and meditation is a self-healing tool, which helps you to find peace and the tranquility you need to listen to the practical, individual answers it treasures.