Yoga is not intended for the purpose of fitness or competition..

                                         is for spiritual health ..

                                                                               is for EVERYONE!



What is a spiritual travel and why should I do it?

Due to the diversity of and hype about yoga, many people forget that yoga is defined as a spiritual discipline and it is the oldest scientific approach for self observation and healing in human history. In many cultures and tribes worldwide it is a common belief that a healthy lifestyle depends upon the balance of body and mind. This complies a holistic view, in which the human body is a inseparable unit, whereby the physical and mental state permanently undergo a complex interplay. That is why mental blockages caused by (consciously or unconsciously) thoughts and feelings 'surprisingly' reveal themselves in many different physical ways and vice versa. A spiritual travel is a personal journey to (re-)connect with your strong, positive, healthy- self. This you can do by observing your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and patterns as well as making new, mind-changing out of the box experiences. A cultural yoga retreat like Balitrees is an appropriate place to experience all these things..

"There would be very little place for chronic illness if 'Medica Mente' - it's original meaning being 'Healing through the spirit' - were to become a primary form of healthcare, along with conventional medicine. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as 'a condition physical, mental and sociological wellbeing'"- Alexander Toskar,

Whereas in the eastern world this holistic view has been societies general conception and the fundamental base of all medical branches, the western society has been adopting it slowly. Nowadays numerous profound studies and researches approve and underline the significance of our powerful mind and it's relation to physical health. The holistic approach grasps the complexity of our body in a more reasonable and individual way so that new methods for prevention and disease control arise, some of them more efficient and affordable than the common ones.

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Along with the growing understanding of the body-mind concept, the importance of long ignored factors that have major influence on our health have finally come to the fore. Especially stress has been detected as a silent but very significant health factor. Our busy and hectic lifestyle thrives us to make many sacrifices, but do we really need to sacrifice our health? Sacrificing health in order to live does not only sound senseless, it is without any sense..

When combined, yoga and meditation can be life-changing, to say the least. Not only do you keep your body limber, strong and flexible, but you also increase your mental and spiritual health. This is the type of balance that creates a high quality of life -

Why you should do it: Once you find your own ways of managing your life, everything happens almost automatically as if you're on auto-pilot. You simply function and there is this well-known, subtle 'pressure' that keeps you running and flowing throughout the day. Simultaneously, you have many thoughts running through your head and while you are cooking, watching TV, or trying to sleep in order to escape from  your daily 'duties', your mind isn't able to let go of the thoughts that revolve around your past or future. It isn't able to be in the present.

Most of our daily actions happen subconsciously and we are not aware of the things we do because often, there is no time, air or space to think about it. That is why, at some point of our lives, we turn around and at the end of a day, week, month or even year we ask ourselves: Where did my time go? What did I actually do or what did I invest my time in?

Besides time being an important personal factor, it is your health that underlies this continuous pressure and whenever you have a minute to breathe, you can feel how there is a headache slowly coming up or how bad the back pain, you have been complaining about for so long, really is. But there is no time to think or even work on that now and with the help of some pain killers you manage to fight the pain and continue...until the pain becomes too big to be ignored or literally stops us from moving on!

How can yoga improve my life ?

Yoga is and has been by far one of the most popular practices to gain body as well as spiritual health. Why? Because of the rapid and very positive effects that yoga can have on the practitioner. If it's done in a right way, yoga can be an amazing self-healing tool. 'Yoga Watukaru' implies that repetition and regularity are the main key aspects if you want use the potential of the internal energy in the human body. Once the positive effects kick in, you will suddenly feel more energized and focused, less fatigue and imbalanced. This energy can support you to find the motivation to finally get rid of old, unhealthy habits (diet; smoking etc. because doing yoga in combination with a healthier lifestyle), the positive effect are usually even greater. This way a whole chain of positive effects can be triggered...

.find our own personal 'strategy for survival' in a less natural environment (and maybe find ways to make it more natural again) and trust in our self-healing power.

That chain reaction may be the reason why more and more people are persuaded by yoga, which is shown by the growing number of yogis and yoginis. At the same time, our western societies have become more aware about their health, and many doubt the conduct of the pharmaceutical industry so that today we have gained more trust in alternative medicine. Also, stress has been detected as THE main cause for many common health issues of both, body and mind. Ultimately, many scientific studies about yoga and meditation (list of studies here) but also individuals, who benefit by the positive effects of yoga, strongly support the idea of using yoga as a great tool to reduce stress and gain quality of life and health by self-healing

This is why at Balitrees, you will find a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, without any hype, fancy or other unnecessary conditions: just a natural environment for you to feel free and enjoy the beauty of bali's culture and nature. Whilst expanding your horizons, we invite you to try the ancient practices of 'Yoga Watukaru' the original balinese yoga. This type of yoga may be inspired by 'Hatha Yoga', which is one of the oldest and most popular yoga styles in the world, but it still has its own focus. The word 'Hatha' itself stands for 'Ha'- the sun and 'Tha'- the moon, whereby both elements reflect the two energies that flow in the human body. It's intention is to balance body and mind through physical practice and self-awareness by doing 'Asanas' (body postures) as well as 'Pranayama' (breathing techniques). Most people define Hatha Yoga as THE original or the oldest yoga, but

Nevertheless, performing 'Yoga Watukaru' or any other spiritual balinese technique, supports the activation of our so called 'chakras' (energy wheels) and thereby our self-healing process, too. Whenever all chakras are active, the 'kundalini' (internal energy) of a person starts to flow, which becomes noticeable in having much more energy and creativity, which can lead to a healthier lifestyle overall. But these are more or less the positive side-effects and have become the main focus of many yoga styles, whereas 'Yoga Watukara' invites you to do your own, individual spiritual travel of self-reflection.

Why 'Yoga Watukaru' ?

Since there are so many types of different yoga styles today, you may wonder, why you should go for 'Yoga Watukaru'. Well, besides the well-known classical methods mentioned above, this type of yoga is very spiritual and easy on your body as well as your mind. It has it's own unique techniques, which base on an ancient knowledge and have not been modified or influenced by the modern world. At Balitrees we offer to teach you ancient yoga and meditation techniques like 'chakra meditation' and explain the use of it. Also, we don't focus on the correctness of a yoga position but rather our guests well-being. Other possible reasons why 'Yoga Watukaru' could be the right choice for you, is if you....

...are an absolute beginner yoga for the reason of spiritual development 

...are an advanced, open-minded yogi who seeks for a different experience and ancient knowledge

...feel a certain, chronic discomfort in life and look for a holistic approach to purify your body, mind and soul


Balitrees is a cooperation of the local Ashram 'Perguruan Seruling Dewata' and the villagers of Sesandan. Besides offering cultural travel, together we aim to preserve the ancient balinese 'Yoga Watukaru', support the local community and to contribute to sustainable tourism in Bali.



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